Business Services

Site Selection

Location is everything. But you must be able to afford the location you are seeking out. How to identify a business location and negotiate the lease terms.

Certificate of Occupancy

Buildout Landlord and tenant improvement allowances
Standard lease versus triplenet lease​

Setup Utilities

Setting up utilities, phone, internet.

Computer Systems and Software Selection

Making sure you have adequate technology to support industry software for your business. Keep it updated and current. Make sure you have a point of sale system that has sales tracking and invoice generation capabilities built in to help manage your financials.


Make sure you have a solid website set up that brings customers to your door.

Bank Account

Making sure you use small community banks is best in most cases. They are personal and personable. They can be your best ally when times get tough and when you need some financial assistance such as a line of credit.

Professional Memberships

What chamber groups are best to utilize for your area

Getting the Word Out

How to use social media outlets and local community social media boards for announcing the grand opening.

Promotion Guidance

The pitfalls of falling for every ad promotion company that hits your door. Discuss the things that work and the things that don’t work

Customer Service Training

Personality and friendliness can make you or break you. Knowing your industry and how to make sure you communicate in a positive way that gets your business the best form of advertising “WORD OF MOUTH”. It’s free and it keeps on giving.

Tax Laws

Given your business, when and how to file sales tax, federal withholding tax, Social Security and Medicare, franchise tax, personal property taxes and other taxes for your areas.


Keeping your business fresh. Providing specials, community engagement, periodic customer questionnaires to get your business at the front of people’s minds when they need a business that provides the services you provide.

Store Upkeep

Keeping it clean – Ideas on how to make sure your store is inviting, clean and provides a positive experience for your customers every time they come in.

Accounting/Profit and Loss

How to price your services – Markup and Margins and loaded costs. Understanding the full accounting component. Track trends in your business to know when and how often to ramp up supplies for peak seasons and when to go lean. Utilizing accounting software like Quickbooks for invoicing, payroll, trends.

Keeping it in the Black

Know when your business is in the red and when you cross over to profitable business. How to ensure you are identifying when to make equipment purchases, the rate of return and the depreciation timeline for equipment. Preparation is key in ensuring that you don’t overspend and have a problem pulling yourself out of the red.

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