Recruiting Services

Development of Job Descriptions

What is the job? What are the roles, responsibilities & expectations of that job? Determining what skills are a “MUST HAVE” versus a “Really Want”. Writing a clear concise and complete job profile description.​


How to determine a fair salary for a position and how to see what your competition or the market is paying in your area for that job. This looks at the full cost of the employee including benefits.​

Recruitment Training

Internal recruitment techniques, what questions can and can’t be asked. Where to go for candidates. How to set up phone screens and face to face interviewing as well as panel interviews.

Recruitment Advertising

How to advertise for a position. Where to post positions, what local city, county or state agencies to leverage.

Candidate Selection

Narrowing your selection down. Identifying that “Best Fit” when you have multiple good candidates. If you are needing an entry level person – How do you identify that right person to hire? Are there certifications that are deal breakers? What certifications would they be expected to get if selected?

Making the Offer

Preparing and making the offer!

Onboarding Questions

New Hire Forms - What forms are needed to be completed for state and federal compliance with a new hire?
Is this person a contract or regular employee?

Employee Compliance - Ensuring that the employee is clear on work hours, dress code, call in procedures and time reporting.

Payroll – Making sure that the employee understands the payroll cycle and when they are paid and how they are paid - cash, check or direct deposit.
Training – Make sure that you have a training process in place. Provide documentation, OJT, and classroom or Internet based training available.

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Employee Reviews & Terminations

We've got you covered. You'll have access to our team of Human Resource professionals available to walk you through it every step of the way and answer any questions.